Cost Of Study In USA For Indian Students 2023?

World’s best universities, solid infrastructure, high standards, and innumerable career prospects are just a few of the things that students find enticing while applying to study in USA.  The cost of studying in the United States, on the other hand, is a big worry for overseas students. Students are not always prepared for the (real) costs. This blog discusses the cost of studying in USA for Indian students, course fees, top universities in the United States, and other topics to help you understand this better. Continue reading.

Study In USA

The cost of studying in USA and the cost of living there, are key considerations in determining whether the USA is a viable destination for higher education. Tuition fees to study in USA for Indian students vary according to universities, courses, and cities. Tuition is the most important component of the cost of education in the United States, and colleges are separated into private and public/state institutions.

Education costs less at public/state colleges than it does at private educational institutions.  The average tuition charge for premier institutions in the United States is roughly $50,000 per year. In addition, the pricing to study abroad USA varies depending on the course.

In terms of MS study in USA getting an MBA, for example, is more expensive than obtaining an Arts degree. An MBA can cost over $70,000 on average, whereas an Arts degree can cost around $35,000. Colleges that provide longer-term undergraduate programs may charge students more than the typical postgraduate study at some of the top MS colleges in USA; however, the tuition fee should not be used to judge the quality of education provided by the institution.

Study In USA: Study Program

The cost of studying in USA for Indian students is entirely dependent on the type of study program, qualification, and the institution chosen. Humanities, education, and arts courses have substantially lower tuition than areas like medicine, engineering, and business management.

Study programAverage tuition fee/per annum
Undergraduate$8,000 – $40,000
Postgraduate$10,000 – $60,000
Doctoral$28,000 to $55,000

Study In USA: Cost At Top Universities

To help you grasp the cost structure better, below is another overview of tuition fees for leading colleges in the USA:

UniversityAverage Yearly Tuition FeesQS World University Rankings 2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)$50,000 – $55,0001
Stanford University$25,000 – $55,0003
Harvard University$25,000 – $51,0005
California Institute of Technology$44,000 – $57,0006
University of Chicago$55,000 – $59,00010

For students with financial difficulties, it is still possible to study in USA with scholarship, offered by various colleges and institutions. Students can apply for the best scholarships based on their needs. A scholarship for Indian students in USA, covers the majority of the regular expenses such as tuition, living expenses, and so on.

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Study In USA: Undergraduate Degree

The average cost of study in USA for Indian students for a four-year Bachelor’s degree is $30,000. Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Arts (BA), and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees are among the most popular undergraduate degrees in the United States. Tuition and fees may differ depending on the institution and degree program. If international students want to study in the United States, the costs differ by university.

Study In USA: Master’s Degree

The cost of masters in USA for Indian students ranges between $20,000 and $35,000. This range is determined by the number of universities that offer the degree as well as the cost of the specific program being pursued. Among many, the most common Master’s degrees in the United States include M.S. in Data Science, M.S. in Computer Science, and M.S. in Software Engineering. Many international students are lured to STEM-focused (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) master’s degree programs in the United States. These programs offer additional practical training as well as a two-year stay-back option.

Study In USA: Living Costs

Aside from the cost of studying in USA for Indian students, the cost of living is a significant component of the expenses a student must incur to study in the country. The cost of living in the United States is determined by a student’s lifestyle, and their budget.

Expenses Associated with study abroad USA

ExpenseAverage cost per year
Housing Rent (including utilities)$21,710
Dormitory housing$7,588 – $11,914
Books & Supplies$13,800
Health Insurance$500 – $1500

Study In USA: Pre-Arrival Costs

The cost of studying in USA for Indian students also includes one-time pre-arrival fees. These expenses include application fees, English proficiency tests, standardised tests, student visas, and so on.

Pre-arrival expenses incurred:

IELTS exam fee₹15,750
TOEFL exam fee$190
University application fees$50
Student visa$160
GRE exam fees$213
GMAT exam fees$275

Study In USA: FAQs

How to acquire scholarships for Indian students to study in USA?

A scholarship for Indian students in USA can significantly reduce the expense of studying. You can look for them on official scholarship websites or university financial aid portals.

Can I acquire a student loan to cover the cost of studying in USA?

Yes. You can receive educational loans to pay for your study abroad in the United States. There are also loans offered with no collateral or security. Students from India who apply can claim a tax benefit under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act, which allows for tax deductions on educational loans.

Which are the fully funded masters scholarships in USA?

More than 1500 fully financed masters scholarships for international students are available at the top universities inUSA. Some of these are:

Fulbright Scholarships USA

Stanford University Scholarships

Yale University Scholarships

University of New Haven Scholarship

AAUW International Fellowship Program

Takeaway Knowing the cost of studying in the USA can assist Indian students plan finances appropriately. Understanding the expense of studying in the United States can help Indian students and their families appreciate the potential return on investment. Now that you are also aware of these expenditures associated with study in USA, you can begin taking measures towards a good educational and career path.



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